1. Janice Gabbard Pownall

    Congratulations on the new camera! Now, leave it out of a case and keep the battery charged…and USE it! Capture the now to look at later. Don’t complicate the easy. Don’t second guess yourself…you know what you are going to do or say anyway. Some things are worth the wait…others are best acknowledged, and then move on … lesson learned.

    Life. We can’t change our DNA. We can’t un-eat the chocolate cake. We can’t shut our inner voices up, but we can change the tone and substance of the conversation. We have worth. Worth to our family we are born into, and worth to the family we join and create. We have the power to influence others. Power thrust upon us even when we fear it….hopefully, not crave it. We are here even though it was never our choice. I find great peace from my acceptance of a higher power that I know is with me always and loves me unconditionally. I see beauty that only can be explained to me by belief in a Creator. I really do understand your advice of STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN. I’m trying every day. I’m still waiting to grow up…I’m ok with never. Tomorrow, I’ll listen to the crumbs get sucked up in the vacuum…and I’ll think of you. Oh, and one more thing…..laugh often.

    Now, Dr. Jeanie, have fun “Grading” my contribution, but please be gentle. 😊. Love you😊

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